The Secret of Wattensaw Bayou

The Secret of Wattensaw Bayou is my first novel. After years of writing non-fiction it was a joy to create new characters in the real places and times that I had studied for all of my adult life. The core of the story is based on family tales recounted to me by my great grand uncle Ezra Hagerman. He alone in the family had absorbed the stories of his grandmother’s family during the Civil War. When I visited him in the late 1980s he was thrilled to pass on the stories of Jonathan, Sarah, Sam, Melinda and others. Until then it seems no one else had placed any value on the family tales he treasured for so long. I am indebted to Uncle Ezra and feel so fortunate that I was able to get to know him better before he passed on in 2002. He kept these stories alive in our collective family memories.

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The Archer’s Son

Treachery, disease, hunger, and death plague their steps as King Henry’s men near their fateful battle with the French army at Agincourt. Eager to see the world that lies beyond his small Cornish village, 12 year ol Hedyn, son of an archer and serf, is thrilled to be chosen to join King Henry’s army as it advances on Normandy. His excitement quickly gives way to exhaustion in body and spirit, as well as worry for the safety of his newfound friends and comrades. Can a mysterious stranger with a secretive past offer Hedyn hope amidst the horrors of battle?

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